Emergency Maintenance Issues

24/7 Toll-Free Maintenance Issue Reporting is now available!

Rest assured that our qualified 24 Hour Emergency Maintenance Staff are available year round for your convenience. If you have an emergency, call the 24/7 toll-free number specific to your residence. Please advise us immediately of any damage that you feel warrants repair. This includes water, wind and fire damage. Additionally, Non-Emergency Maintenance issues may be reported 24/7 and will be addressed by the office the following business day, if reported while the office is closed.

The following are some types of real emergencies. These are situations in which Management should be contacted immediately. Please use your best discretion for those situations not listed.

1. When security has been breached or is threatened by burglary, vandalism, or other disturbances.
Please contact 911 immediately, then call us.

2. Lack of heat in Winter — when outdoor Temp is below 40 Degrees

3. Damage caused by wind, storm, fire, which directly inhibits your unit inside or out.

4. Flooding caused by Plumbing Breakdown.

5. Back-up of sewer or other sanitary facility.

6. Electrical failures or short circuit

7. The presence of a strong gas odor.

8. Inoperable door or window locks.

For more efficient service, we are now accepting all maintenance requests 24/7 on Toll-Free numbers specific to each property!

Please note that it is the responsibility of our residents to handle the following*:
Unclogging toilets and drains
Replacing light bulbs
Replacing smoke detector batteries
Flipping circuit breakers
Flipping Ground Fault Circuit Interceptors (GFCI, GFI, Outlets in Bathrooms and Kitchen)
Replacing fuses
Replacing batteries in the SAM locks
*Calls where maintenance staff are dispatched resulting from any of the items listed above will result in a $50 charge on your account.