Community Policies – Updated January 2017 – Additions in Bold

These policies are designed to promote enjoyment of the Community by you and other residents. In this document Management is referred to as “we”, “ours” and “us”. The resident is referred to as “you” and “yours”. Your residence and the community including all buildings, common areas, recreational areas and the parking lot are referred to as the “premises”. Management reserves the right to change, update or add to the following policies at any time.

1. Speed Limit.

Limit your speed to 8 mph within the community.

2. Vehicles.

A. Unless a resident has a driveway or garage, there are not assigned parking spots. Parking is on a first come, first serve basis. Every unit does have 2 allotted parking spots, however, at times these may not be directly in front of your residence.

B. B. Non­maintained cars (such as cars with broken windows, flats, etc.) and vehicles with expired tags will not be allowed to remain on said premises. Vehicles with oil leaks are not allowed on the parking lot as this causes damage to the pavement. No tires or vehicle parts of any kind may be stored outside of buildings. Vehicles are not to be serviced on the premises. Boats, campers, RV’s, trailers, road tractors and anything else that requires large parking areas are not permitted.

C. Vehicles will be towed that:

(A) Are non-registered and/or inoperable.

(B) Are parked in handicap parking spaces without official identification.

(C) Are parked in no parking, fire lane, in the grass, blocking signage or mailboxes.

(D) Parked in other resident’s driveways.

3. Draperies.

Blinds are provided at your residence. There shall be no blankets, plastic liners, cardboard, foil or other like material used as window coverings.

4. Balconies, Decks and Patios.

Do not hang or store towels, bathing suits, clothing, mops etc. on the balconies, decks or patios. Do not shake debris from such items off the balconies, decks or patios. Ashes, dirt and cigarettes are not to be thrown from or swept from balcony. Plants are allowed but must be secured to prevent them from falling. Trash is not to be stored on the balcony. Pets are not allowed to be unattended for any length of time on decks, balconies or patios. Grills are to be used with the utmost care and attention. Never leave grills unattended for any reason. Disposal of coals are not permitted on property. Grills are not to be used near vinyl or wood. Resident agrees to be held responsible for any damages and associated costs related to grills. Plastic or inflatable Pools are not permitted in any fashion. Screen Doors, magnetic or otherwise, are not to be installed or used on any property.

5. Pets

Resident agrees to abide by Pet Policies set out in Pet Addendum in their lease. However, if a Resident is found to have a pet inside their residence for ANY length of time without prior written approval of
Management, an executed Pet Addendum and paid Pet Fees in full, they will be fined a $500 illegal pet fee and every $50 pet rent each month that the pet is inside of the residences. These fees and rent will not be prorated. Pets must be leashed while outside on the property. Residents are responsible for cleaning up after their pet and using supplied pet stations for waste removal.

6. Equipment

The equipment in the kitchen and bathroom are to be used only for the purpose they were designed for.
There should be no non­edible items placed in the garbage disposal that could cause the disposal harm. You will be held responsible for any costs and related damages that occur from your misuse. To ensure proper maintenance of the HVAC system, the furnace filters must be replaced every 120 days. If you live in a single-family home, it is your responsibility to replace the filters. If you live in an apartment or townhome, Management will replace the filters and a non-optional $20 fee will be added to your account. You must use compactor bags in trash compactor. Vacuum bags must be replaced as needed by resident. Residents are responsible for keeping all light bulbs replaced upon burnout.

7. Noise.

Loud stereos and televisions will not be permitted. The use of musical instruments should be limited, and if used, held to a minimal volume. Quiet hours are from 10pm to 7am. A violation of this agreement can be considered a breach of the policies on the first offense. Garden Apartments: Do not bang on the ceilings in attempt to quiet your neighbor’s activity. Contact the local police department for extreme noise violations.

8. Wall Hangings.

Please use nails and hangers only when hanging items on the wall. Adhesive fasteners are destructive to drywall. Making holes in wood, floors, ceilings and cabinets are prohibited.

9. Trash.

Trash is not to be left outside of your residence, on the balcony, patio or deck nor allowed to accumulate inside your residence. It is solely your responsibility to discard your trash in an orderly and timely fashion. Management will remove trash, if necessary and a $35.00 fee per bag or piece will be assessed. Trash must be disposed of in the proper receptacle. If found leaving trash outside of dumpster, you will be assessed a $100 fee. Townhomes with independent trash pick­up must store trash receptacles out of view from the street except for during the 12 hours surrounding pick­up

10. Clutter.

Porches, patios, decks and entrances must be free of unsightly items such as car seats, rusted/worn furniture, excessive decoration, etc. Pet items, children’s toys, hoses, etc. should be contained in a neat and orderly manner. The use of Sidewalk Chalk is also prohibited.

11. Utility Closets.

No items may be stored in the utility closet. This is the closet that houses the HVAC system and/or the water heaters.

12. Notice of Damage to Premises.

Please advise us immediately of any damage that you feel warrants repair. This includes water, wind and fire damage. Also, please notify us of any spills on the carpet that could cause permanent damage. After a maintenance request is submitted by the resident, a member of our maintenance team will enter the unit without additional notice, in a timely manner, to complete the request. All Non-Emergency requests will be resolved by a member of our maintenance staff Monday – Friday between the hours of 8am and 5pm.


The following are some types of real emergencies. These are situations in which management should be contacted. Please use your best discretion for those situations not listed. If you have an emergency after business hours, call our office at (540) 337­9272 and follow the directions for after hours emergencies

1. Flooding caused by plumbing breakdown.

2. Lack of heat in winter — when outdoor temperature is below 40 Degrees

3. No hot water

4. Damage caused by wind, storm, fire, which directly inhibits your unit inside or out.

5. If security has been breached or is threatened by burglary, vandalism, or other disturbances, please contact 911 immediately, then call us so a member of our maintenance staff can secure the unit

6. Back­up of sewer or other sanitary facility after tenant has made an effort to unclog toilets and drains

7. Electrical failures or short circuit

8. The presence of a strong gas odor

9. Inoperable door or window locks

Tenant Responsibilities – It is the tenant’s responsibility to maintain (or replace) the following items:

1. Unclogging toilets and drains

2. Replacing light bulbs

3. Replacing smoke detector batteries

4. Flipping circuit breakers.

5. Flipping Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCE, GFI, Outlets in Bathrooms and Kitchen)

6. Replacing batteries in an electronic door lock

7. Replacing furnace filters if you reside in one our single family homes

13. Smoking.

Cigarette butts are not to be discarded on community grounds. Do not throw them in mulch and bushes as this can cause a serious fire hazard. Smoking will not be permitted in any unit where another unit adjoins it above. SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED IN GARDEN UNITS. Any cigarette smoking inside or outside of the apartments which is obtrusive to your neighbors will be considered a breach of the community policies and you will be asked to refrain from smoking on the property. 2nd offense is grounds for immediate termination of lease.

14. Heaters.

Kerosene and other combustible heaters can be very dangerous and are not permitted on the premises.

15. Locks, Lockout and Key Replacement.

It is the resident’s responsibility to maintain, replace and purchase the batteries if their unit is equipped with a SAM lock. The SAM lock requires 4 AA batteries. If locked out not during business hours or on a weekend, a $100.00 charge will be assessed to the resident. During office hours a $50.00 fee will be required if staff must be sent out. Staff members who are sent out will open the door, however, it is still your responsibility to replace the batteries in the SAM lock.

Replacement fees per key: SAM Key­ $50, Standard Key­ $15, Mailbox Key­ $15

16. Wiring /Alarm Systems

There is to be no wiring or security alarms installed inside (or outside) of your residence without prior consultation and expressed written consent of Management.

17. Weight Limitations.

Please do not keep any object or structure in your residence that may pose a danger to residents below you. Waterbeds are prohibited without written proof of waterbed insurance.

18. Extermination.

You agree to permit us to enter and exterminate for pests in your residence at our request. You also agree to cooperate with suggestions and instructions to improve any pest problems.

19. Solicitations.

All door­-to­-door solicitations are strictly prohibited. Please notify Management immediately of any infractions of this rule.

20. State/Local Laws.

Resident agrees to abide by all state, federal and local laws. Resident will not use the residence for any unlawful purpose or allow any unlawful acts to occur on said premises.

21. Yard/Moving Sales.

No yard/moving sales of any type shall not be conducted on any RentPPM managed property.

22. Mailboxes.

Do not display any advertisements for home businesses, events or products on the outside of mailboxes.

23. Lawn Care.

If you live in a Single Family Home, you are responsible for all lawn care. This includes grass mowing, weed removal, leaf removal and proper upkeep of the yard to keep free of any debris or trash.

24. Snow Removal.

Residents are responsible for snow removal on their entire front & back patio and all sidewalks fronting their residence. Please assure all snow is shoveled within twelve hours of a snowstorm. A $25.00 charge will be assessed for any shoveling that management must perform. Residents hold harmless Professional Property Management and any owners of their property from any liability associated with ice and snow on the premises.

25. Water Hook-ups.

It is entirely up to the resident to make sure that water hoses are not left hooked up when not in use. During winter, hoses may freeze and cause damage to water lines inside the apartment, thus causing damage to the apartment itself. If you fail to remove the hose from that faucet, and damage is caused, you will be held accountable for any expense related to maintenance and repairs needed to correct the damages.

26. Aerials.

No television aerials, satellite dishes or radio antennas are allowed on the outside of the building without written permission from Management.

27. Interior of Residence

Your residence must be kept clean, sanitary, and free from objectionable odor. No trash or other materials are allowed to accumulate which would prove hazardous or pose a health violation.

28. Fireplace Safety

The gas log fireplaces are not to be used for an excessive amount of time or they will automatically turn off due to oxygen depletion in the room. Please do not attempt to heat your entire home from the gas fireplace as it is not meant to be used in this manner and is unsafe.

29. Renter’s Insurance

All residents are encouraged to purchase renter’s insurance for the protection of items in your residence from, but not limited to, fire, flood, roof leaks, burglary or acts of God. We are not responsible for damage to your personal belongings.

30. Unattended Children

We request that you do not leave children under the age of 10 unsupervised in outdoor areas. This includes parking lots, playgrounds (where applicable), yards, etc.